Corporate Rewards

In today's corporate world, the practice of recognizing employees for their dedication and continuous service is essential. Service awards have tremendous potential for positive impact which enhances performance and helps to retain your top employees. A recognition program does not have to be expensive. The structure of it is only as limited as your imagination.

We at Victor Lair Jewellers, would welcome the opportunity to compile a quote for your company for all manner of awards, such as retirement, service and performance. The best awards are functional jewellery, office or home accessories that are made of precious metals in conjunction with company logos or colours.

Victor Lair Jewellers can provide custom rings and watches with or without company logos, complete with custom engraving. We carry a large selection of giftware and office items such as glasses, plates, pen sets, desk and wall clocks. These items are often engraveable or come with engraving plates.

Victor Lair Jewellers can customize a tiered directory for awards at various dollar amounts and years of service specific to your company. We offer competitive pricing and quality service; things you may not encounter purchasing on the internet or a big-city store. We guarantee you personal one-on-one service and timely delivery.

For further information on our products, services or to request a quote, please contact us today.